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WITH Performance provides sports performance training for youth, high school, college and professional athletes using the methodology powered by our partners at EXOS (formerly Athletes' Performance).  This system has been tested and proven successful by countless NFL, MLB, MLS, Navy Seals and other high level sports and tactical athletes. 

The performance training methodology highlights 7 blocks:

  • Pillar Preparation - Corrective strategy for faulty movement patterns and activate your core.

  • Movement Preparation - Activate your glutes, dynamically stretch, increase your body temperature and fire up your central nervous system.

  • Power/ Med Ball work - Learn how to produce power efficiently.

  • Movement Skill - Improve the foundational skills demanded by your sports.  Run better, cut harder, changing directions more efficiently.

  • Strength - Gain the strength to support your movement skill and power demands.

  • ESD (Energy System Development) - Target the energy systems you need to succeed.  Train specific intervals to ensure energy and endurance gains.