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The Essence of WITH Performance

WITH Performance compels a shift in mindset. Through unparalleled training expertise and transcendent technology, we disrupt traditional fitness perceptions. We’ve crafted an evolved, 21st century definition of wellness – steeped in ceaseless, one-on-one personalization to optimize health and elevate performance for individuals from any walk of life. 

We offer elite, revolutionary one-on-one training for all, anchored by state-of-the-art technology. Our program is a convention-breaking philosophy that transforms thinking and reinvents customized fitness. 

WITH Promise

WITH Performance will provide expertise and personal commitment that transcend any previous fitness experience. We will shape personal goals for wellness, continuously and proactively inspiring each individual in their journey to deliver stunning results.

WITH Mission Statement

Raise levels of consciousness regarding effective, long-term approaches to wellness and performance through groundbreaking technology and proactive, one-on-one relationships. This is a platform, that as a result, will deliver astonishing results that will shatter the expected and inspire lifestyle changes.

The WITH Approach

At WITH, you’ll be introduced to a proven system that focuses on: Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery. Below is a quick overview of the four elements at the core of our system:

  • MINDSET: You need to be in the “right place” to make a change. It's all about the proper mindset.  When you embrace what it takes to achieve your goals, and recognize that although exercising and eating right are essential to wellness, there’s a bigger picture. You must have a game plan to get you in the right headspace – and that’s how you achieve long-term results.
  • NUTRITION: You constantly hear that eating right is key. And it is…as understanding the importance of nutrition produces invaluable healthy habits. Yet, we preach the crucial notion of combining this knowledge with effective exercise to achieve maximum results. We focus on showing you the big picture.
  • MOVEMENT: “Exercise” is usually translated as going to the gym or on a run. But that definition only partially covers the concept of “movement.” We help you realize that there are opportunities throughout your day to be more active – to stress the idea that your entire life can be a workout.
  • RECOVERY: Intense daily workouts put your body at risk for injury. So we are proponents of mixing hard days with easier “regeneration” days to allow for recovery time. Whether “active recovery”, which is low intensity exercise, or “passive recovery”, activities that require minimal or no effort, we will craft a plan that enables you to come back stronger and avoid injury. The same approach applies to nutrition and mindset – it’s about knowing when to give yourself a break, or a moment of indulgence.